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Martin Mystery

In Nicktoons' animated adventure series MARTIN MYSTERY, Martin (voiced by Samuel Vincent) and his stepsister Diana (Kelly Sheridan) are 16-year-olds who work for The Center, a secret organization which protects Earth from extraterrestrial and supernatural threats, such as giant prehistoric insects, evil entities, or strange creatures that leave trails of green or purple slime. After getting an assignment from stern leader M.O.M., Martin and Diana are transported to the site of the current mystery. Aiding them in their missions are Java, a 200,000-year-old caveman provides much-need muscle to fight tough adversaries; and M.O.M.'s tiny alien assistant, Billy, who gives them valuable information. For extra protection and defense, Martin wears a wrist device that can summon an array of high-tech gadgets.

Martin Mystery

Families can talk about the mystery in each episode and what kind of creature or phenomenon was involved. How did Martin and Diana handle the situation? Do you think this kind of situation could happen in real life? How would you handle it, assuming you didn't have any special powers, weapons, or gadgets? Another discussion topic could be Martin's immature behavior at school versus his behavior on assignment. What do you think of his boyish pranks? Why does Diana get so frustrated with him? How does his irresponsible behavior compare with the way he handles himself on missions?

Despite his flaws, Martin can be nice and serious when it's necessary, he will does great lenghts to accomplish his mission to save the world and people. He is very brave and protective, he really cares about his friends and family, he will always comes to help them when they are in danger. Martin is very smart, he often finds a way to defeat the monsters or resolves a mystery.

For a cartoon to include numerous genres might not be a rare phenomenon. However, Martin Mystery is a great hybrid of styles and genres that can appeal to a large audience, and was arguably influential in later sci-fi/mystery/horror cartoons like the great Gravity Falls and The Owl House. It has its own comical nature that provides a lot of laughter to balance off the darkness of the gruesome alien fights and suspense of the mystery. The action elements are exciting and, when combined with the mysteries and the horror elements, Martin Mystery is able to provoke chills and goosebumps, and each episode has its unique balance of these elements.

This series is one I really enjoy reading. Smartly written with good plots. Several years ago a librarian recommended this series to me as I was browsing the mystery section and it quickly became one of my favorites

Martin Mystery is an 18-year-old young man who has a deep passion for paranormal and became a paranormal agent after solving an "out-of-this-world" mystery. But like most teenagers, he is shown to be very immature and full of energy, a messy slacker, and playing childish pranks on everyone especially his Ranger team, which some of them, mostly Sam , gets annoyed easily. He mostly thinks before going into action, but he too can get himself into trouble at times. Martin really cares about his team as well as the Earth, and never lets his fun-loving attitude keep him from being a good leader.

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