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Clash of Tanks: The Ultimate Tank Battle Game

Clash of Tanks: A Strategy Game for Tank Lovers

Do you like tanks? Do you like strategy games? If you answered yes to both questions, then you will love Clash of Tanks, a cool HTML5 game that is playable both on your desktop and on your mobile phone. In this game, you become the army commander and you must deploy your tanks carefully and think about where the enemy tanks are placed. You can only deploy different types of tanks when you have enough power, so you have to plan your moves wisely. As you play, you can upgrade each tank variant and create a powerful army. You can also compete with other players online and see who is the king of the arena.

clash of tanks

Clash of Tanks was created by Beedo Games, a developer known for games like Clash Of Armour, Jelly Sokoban, Blocky Snakes and Swingers. They have done a great job in creating a fun and engaging game that will keep you hooked for hours. In this article, we will tell you how to play Clash of Tanks, give you some tips and tricks for winning battles, and explain why you should play this game.

How to Play Clash of Tanks

The gameplay of Clash of Tanks is simple but challenging. You have a base on one side of the screen and your enemy has a base on the other side. Your goal is to destroy the enemy base by deploying tanks from your base. You can drag and drop tanks from the bottom of the screen to your base area. Each tank has a power cost that is deducted from your power bar when you deploy it. Your power bar regenerates over time, so you have to balance between deploying tanks quickly and saving power for stronger tanks.

Each tank has its own weakness and strength. There are three types of tanks in the game: light tanks, medium tanks, and heavy tanks. Light tanks are fast but weak; they are good for scouting and harassing the enemy. Medium tanks are balanced; they have decent speed, armor, and firepower. Heavy tanks are slow but strong; they can take a lot of damage and deal a lot of damage. You have to choose the right tanks for your strategy and adapt to the enemy's moves.

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You can also upgrade your tanks to make them stronger. You earn money by destroying enemy tanks or by winning battles. You can use the money to upgrade the health, damage, and speed of your tanks. You can also unlock new tank models, such as flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and minesweepers. Upgrading your tanks will give you an edge over your enemies and help you win more battles.

Another important aspect of the game is the terrain and cover. The map has different features, such as hills, trees, rocks, and buildings. You can use these features to hide your tanks, block enemy fire, or flank your opponents. You have to be aware of your surroundings and use them to your advantage. For example, you can place a heavy tank behind a hill and surprise the enemy with a powerful shot. Or you can use a light tank to sneak behind a building and destroy the enemy base.

Why You Should Play Clash of Tanks

Now that you know how to play Clash of Tanks, you might be wondering why you should play it. Well, there are many reasons why this game is worth your time and attention. Here are some of them:

Clash of Tanks is Fun and Engaging

One of the main reasons why you should play Clash of Tanks is because it is fun and engaging. The game has cool graphics and sounds that make you feel like you are in a real war zone. You can see the tanks explode, hear the gunshots and explosions, and enjoy the shadows and lighting effects. The game also has a catchy music that adds to the atmosphere and mood of the game.

Another reason why Clash of Tanks is fun and engaging is because it has a multiplayer mode where you can compete with other players online. You can join a random match or create a custom room where you can invite your friends or other players. You can also chat with your opponents and send them emojis. The multiplayer mode is a great way to test your skills against real opponents and see who is the best tank commander.

A third reason why Clash of Tanks is fun and engaging is because it has a lot of content and achievements to unlock. The game has different tanks, maps, and modes that you can unlock as you play. You can also earn medals and trophies for completing various challenges and tasks. For example, you can earn a medal for destroying 100 enemy tanks or a trophy for winning 10 battles in a row. The game also has a leaderboard where you can see your rank and compare it with other players.

Clash of Tanks is Challenging and Educational

Apart from being fun and engaging, Clash of Tanks is also challenging and educational. The game has a lot of historical and strategic aspects that will make you learn something new while having fun. Here are some examples:

Learn from History and Strategy

Clash of Tanks is based on real tank models and battle scenarios from history. You can learn about the different types of tanks that were used in World War I, World War II, and other conflicts. You can also learn about the different strategies that were employed by different armies and commanders. For example, you can learn about the Blitzkrieg strategy that was used by Germany to invade Poland and France in World War II. Or you can learn about the Desert Storm operation that was used by the United States to liberate Kuwait from Iraq in 1991.

Develop Your Logical and Creative Thinking

Clash of Tanks is also a game that will develop your logical and creative thinking skills. You have to use your brain to plan your moves, analyze the situation, and find the best solution. You have to think about what tanks to deploy, when to deploy them, where to deploy them, how to upgrade them, how to use the terrain, how to counter the enemy's moves, etc. You also have to be creative and come up with new ideas and tactics that will surprise your enemies and give you an advantage.

Improve Your Reaction Time and Coordination

Clash of Tanks is not only a game that will make you think, but also a game that will make you act fast and precise. You have to react quickly to the changing situation on the battlefield and make split-second decisions that will affect the outcome of the battle. You also have to coordinate your tanks well and make sure they work together as a team. You have to control your tanks with your mouse or finger, depending on what device you are using. You have to drag them, drop them, move them, aim them, fire them, etc.


In conclusion, Clash of Tanks is a strategy game for tank lovers that you should definitely try. It is fun and engaging, challenging and educational, and suitable for all ages and devices. You can play it for free on your browser or download it on your phone. You can enjoy the cool graphics and sounds, compete with other players online, unlock new content and achievements, learn from history and strategy, develop your logical and creative thinking, and improve your reaction time and coordination. What are you waiting for? Join the clash of tanks now and show the world who is the best tank commander!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Clash of Tanks that you might find helpful:

Q: How can I play Clash of Tanks?

A: You can play Clash of Tanks on your desktop or mobile device. If you want to play it on your desktop, you can visit the official website of Beedo Games or any other gaming platform that hosts the game. If you want to play it on your mobile device, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

Q: How can I contact the developer of Clash of Tanks?

A: You can contact Beedo Games by visiting their website, Facebook page, Twitter account, or YouTube channel. You can also send them an email at

Q: How can I report a bug or a problem with Clash of Tanks?

A: If you encounter a bug or a problem with Clash of Tanks, you can report it by using the feedback button on the game screen or by sending an email to Please provide as much detail as possible, such as your device model, browser version, game mode, and screenshots.

Q: How can I support the development of Clash of Tanks?

A: If you like Clash of Tanks and want to support its development, you can do so by rating the game, leaving a review, sharing it with your friends, or making a donation. You can also follow Beedo Games on their social media channels and subscribe to their newsletter.

Q: How can I learn more about tanks and tank warfare?

A: If you are interested in learning more about tanks and tank warfare, you can check out some of these resources:

  • The Tank Museum: A museum in England that has the world's largest collection of tanks and armored vehicles.

  • World of Tanks: A popular online game that features hundreds of tanks from different countries and eras.

  • Tank Encyclopedia: A website that provides information and illustrations of tanks from all over the world.

  • Tank Books: A list of books that cover various aspects of tank history, design, and combat.

  • Tank Movies: A list of movies that feature tanks and tank battles.


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