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Free Guild Wars 2 Serial Codes

A free account can currently be upgraded by purchasing the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion, the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion or the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion. Each includes a new serial code. This serial code can be used to create a new account or upgrade an existing Play4Free account. An expansion purchase can be used to upgrade a Core account, as well.

free guild wars 2 serial codes


There are three ways to purchase an upgrade: 1) via the Black Lion Trading Company; 2) by clicking the upgrade prompt always visible in the upper-left corner of free accounts, or 3) by make a purchase via the official website shop and then logging into the ArenaNet website to redeem the serial code.

Additionally, activation of a legacy "Heroic Edition" serial code will upgrade an account and lift all free-to-play restrictions without granting any expansion access. Heroic Edition keys were the retail equivalent to the original Digital Deluxe Upgrade - their sale has been discontinued, but they are occasionally issued during special promotions and existing keys are still functional.

Furthermore, the same is true in reverse, where players who have started on Steam cannot transfer their progress to the website-based version of the game. As an extension of this, any gem codes or Guild Wars 2 serial codes cannot be redeemed on Steam versions of the game, and any expansions must be directly purchased from Steam.

You can upgrade your account to Heart of Thorns in-game or by applying a serial code (from or one of our official retail partners) to your account on the account management page.


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