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Tokyo Revengers Episode 16

ABC's Modern Family countdown continues and the heartbreak we've been feeling is imminent, and this episode was a good segue to start leading into what will be a final double feature next week to go out with a bang. It starts giving us a look into what the future holds in store without having to jump ahead yet. This episode offered a look back and a sense of closure to a chapter in their lives without having to give us flashbacks.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 16

My favorite storyline this episode consisted of the Tucker-Pritchett's saying goodbye to their home to move into a new and bigger space. After Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) keeps freaking out at the new home, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) takes him back to the old house for him to get some closure. It was emotional for me, I think this part showed great growth on Mitchell's part and just how hard it is sometimes to move because of being scare of the future.

In Tokyo Revengers episode 16 spoilers, we see the flashback of Toman in its initial days. Baji remembers a trip in the past that led to his decision. All six founding members of Toman ride their vehicles on the highway. 041b061a72


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