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Pop Squad Paolo Bacigalupi Pdf 11

A squad of MARSOC operators are sent to rescue a hostage from insurgents. As they follow them deep into the mountain tunnels, they find the hostage's and insurgents' bodies eaten by a swarm of mysterious spider-like creatures. The team loses four men to the swarm, leaving team leader Sgt. Coulthard and Harper as the only survivors. The duo finds a glowing light and follows a mysterious sound into a deeper chamber, revealed to be a prison containing a gigantic, eldritch deity. The deity induces visions of world destruction in Coulthard and Harper, convincing Coulthard to release it, and forcing Harper to kill him. The deity then instructs Harper to release it. She is then seen walking into the desert with her eyes gouged out and ears cut off as she mutters an alien language.

Pop Squad Paolo Bacigalupi Pdf 11

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