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There is nothing like sweet summer corn and paired with basil, it is a match made in heaven! This light and healthy Summer Corn Chowder topped with pan-seared fish is so dreamy! A simple easy dinner that can be made in under 30 minutes. Use salmon, halibut, cod, or sea bass!

Spaghetti with Quick Tomato Sauce! Fresh heirloom tomatoes are cooked into a Quick Tomato Sauce with garlic and basil. Keep it vegan or add cheese. Simple, easy, so delicious. A great way to use up all your sweet garden tomatoes!

Pirates Jamboree had it all. On Friday, following the "acid" rock of Dreams, the Ike and Tina Revue proved that sweet soul is often best hard and heavy. Tina and the Ikettes shimmied their way across stage and shook the coliseum to its rafters. Their rendition of "I've Been Loving You Too Long" was one of the most memorable mo- ments of the weekend, as was their vigor- ous "Proud Mary," which earned them a standing ovation before the number was finished. Saturday's concert featured Richie Havens and the Ten Wheel Drive, another heavy rock group which had gained fame at Woodstock. Doc Watson, popular North Carolinian, entertained a crowd Sunday on the mall with his folk music and country stories of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Victory against a conference team came after Christmas when the Pi- rates put everything together to up the Richmond Spiders 79-63. The taste of victory was sweet especially since the Spiders had spoiled ECU's hopes last year in the conference tourney. Two more conference vic- tories the following week tied the Pi- rates for first place with Davidson, and it could not have been at a more opportune time. Seventy-two hours later, ECU was billed to meet David- son in a game figured to be a pre- view of the conference championship. The Wildcats won, 60-52, despite a valiant effort by the Pirates.

At the Awards Banquet, Kappa Sigma received Alpha Xi Delta's Outstanding Fra- ternity Award, and Alpha Phis won Pi Kappa Phi's Outstanding Sorority Award. Susan Rothrock, Sigma Chi Delta sweet heart, was named IFC Queen.

Green Springs Park provided an appropriate setting for photograph- ing the 1970-1971 fraternity sweet- hearts. These girls represented the fraternities as they served as host- esses during rush and provided a feminine touch around the fraternity houses.

Often found in less glamourous set- tings, the sweethearts always gave a helping hand when a quick clean-up was needed or dirty dishes piled up. Whether in formals or jeans, they gave that extra something that made them special to the brothers.

Winter quarter activities include a formal dinner-dance recognizing Founder's Day with guest speaker Robert J. Mahoney, Executive Di- rector of the national office. After the dinner, the fraternity presented interfraternity awards to brothers outstanding in leadership, scholar- ship, and intramurals. Other social functions during the quarter were a brother-pledge Christmas party and a seasonal celebration for the Greenville Boy's Club. Parent's Day in January was marked by a cocktail party with entertainment by the Dave McCracken jazz trio. Dean of Men James Mallory ad- dressed the brothers and their par- ents. Honoring Belinda Wright, their sweetheart, the brothers host- ed in February the annual Sweet- heart Dance in the spacious party room at the fraternity house on Tenth Street.

October for a combo party at the American Legion Hut. Other social ac- tivities during the year included a bonfire-pond party in the country andi' a cookout with the women of New Poorm "L." Highlighting the year was the annual Crescent Girl formal dance when Sandy Fields was named fraternity sweetheart. As sponsors of the Lambda Chi Alpha Field Day, the fraternity added a new feature to the events this year -- the "Tricycle '5007'

Pinball games in the basement, so- cials, and college parties dominated spring quartern rtivities. A major f' a ture of the quarter was the annual beach weekend at the John Yancey hotel in Atlantic Beach, highlighted by the selection of Phi Tau sweetheart, Dede Clegg.

champagne breakfast. Winter quar- ter fraternity staged its Red Car- lation Ball and crowned a new sweet- eek-end, intramural .oftball, and G eek Week festivities vere only a few of the quarter's so- :ial activities for tl e TKE's. Also in ipring quarter, th mothers and pled- jes hosted their annual Gay Nineties Weekend. Decked out in false mus- aches and "barberpole" striped hirts, the brothers invited their dates o a floating party down the Tar liver. Spring Beach Week-end at >Jag's Head completed the social ac- ivities for 1971.

quet, the fraternity invited business- men from Greenville to deliver busi- ness-related addresses. In February, Rose Ball, a formal dance with a motif of valentines, meant the selection of a new fraternity sweetheart.

The Junior Mint cupcake (top left) was a special of the month. The frosting tasted just like the middle of a Junior Mint and was dipped in a hard chocolate shell like a dipped cone. Then it was all topped with a little Junior Mint on top. I LOVED the texture of the sweet, soft frosting paired with the crunch of a chocolate shell! All cupcakes need to be made like that. :) Another favorite was the toasted coconut cupcake (bottom left).

Willow, this recipe has become one of my all time favorites-loved by me,my husband, live in mother in law (all of us retired), and also for my daughter and son-in law as grab and go breakfasts before work. I have no problems with sticking when I use non stick pans pre sprayed with oil. One addition we all like: I spread out a roll of refrigerator crescent rolls (like Pillsbury or store brand )and cut out circles to put into the muffin bottom. Then I add the meat (our favorite is hot Italian sausage), veggies and cheese (pepper jack), and lastly the eggs and cream mixture. The crescent roll dough adds a little bottom crust to the quiche and adds just a little sweetness that I like a lot.Success has its drawbacks, though. I cannot keep up the supply of these to meet the demand, even with making extras and freezing! Thanks for a great recipe.

So glad I found this! All the other recipes I saw used cooked rice- not how I remember it. This recipe is the real deal- always use uncooked rice so much easier! I make the tomato sauce sweet and sour by omitting the parsley and adding a little vinegar and brown sugar. Serve w some sour cream on the side. Delicious!

I have been making Holupki/Golubki for 50 years, but before learning my Ukrainian parents, some 70 plus years ago began precooking the inexpensive ground beef to reduce fat; we also prefer pre-cooked meat texture. I often found those I treid made with raw ground meat are often steamed, the meat looks rare and texture was mushy. I assume using low-fat raw ground sirloin and baked in one or two slayer, this might not be issue, but have never made them that way. I pre-steam rice in half amount of normal liquid so rice is still firm but not hard. While rice is par-steaming, I saute onions and fine diced celery till soft, add minced garlic for a minute, then off heat add 1/4 cup fresh parsley. At same time I lightly brown 2-3 lbs of 80-85% ground beef till no longer pink and drain (ground dried tofu or veggie burger works too) then mix all of above with 4 whipped eggs, salt/pepper; one can add other seasonings. This mix will hold together fine. Note some canned brands of tomatoes do not taste as good, so taste test in advance. However this consistently works: 5-6 cups of low sodium tomato or vegetable juice or 48 ounces of quality tomato sauce, 1-1.5 cups of ketchup, 1-2 fresh bay leaves, pinch of thyme, Worchestshire sauce, and sugar or other sweetner to taste. If simmered for 15 -20 minutes makes a great sauce and I always make extra sauce for serving on side. I can have these from start to in the oven in about 1.5 hours even working alone, by learning to do multiple things at once. Freezing cabbage to make it more pliable and avoid steaming is interesting and will try, but fear the cell structure will be damaged. Have used the aforementioned microwave method and that works too. Or just use Savoy cabbage which is softer and needs no steaming.

It is huge time waster to cook cabbage. Place head of cabbage in freezer overnight. Remove next day and allow to thaw. Cut off leaves and begin. A slow cooker is easiest method. Btw as a vegetarian the impossible meat package works very very well. Try cranberry sauce or prunes and raisin for a sweet sour taste.

WOW JENNY can you ever cook!! What an AMAZING recipe! I have made holubsi on sour leaves for forty years but never tried making them with sweet cabbage until today. I wish I could send you a picture of how beautiful they look and how delicious they are. Thank you so much for your website filled with scrumptious recipes ?

Say hello to your new favorite dessert/snack! Vegan Halva! This plant-based halva recipe requires just 2 ingredients and is super easy to make! It's naturally sweetened and full of tahini flavor!

Halva, or halvah, is a middle eastern dessert very popular in Israel, Greece, Turkey, and many other countries. Made with tahini and honey or sugar, it's sweet, nutty, and has a crumbly yet soft texture. It is often served with coffee and makes a delicious afternoon snack!


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