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A Winning Mindset – By Eddie Ivan Kaweela

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

As I chatted with friends today…

One of us talked of how ‘mindsets’ is such a big determinant of an individual’s success. We talked about how many of us subtly nurture fixed mindsets even though we despise and deny the notion. This is seen in what we do after the rhetoric. For example, one may say that they believe in ‘abundance’, yet continually fail to share the little they have with others who clearly have much less or even nothing. A growth mindset is not just nice or positive words, it’s the consistent evidence of your noble actions.

We also talked about seasons. Many of us experience different seasons on this journey of pursuit of purpose. Your life’s purpose does not necessarily mean pursuing one single activity. Living your purpose means being willing to transition in different disciplines of life that allow service for others, and engender fulfillment in you as a result. It is being alert to do God’s will in different modes of your strength zone. We’re not robots, programed for a single task in the pursuit of our purpose. We’re human beings, who are given special assignments for specific seasons. What is your season in your journey? Embrace it. Enjoy it. Serve in it.

When one of us shared a desire they have, they were asked one question: What problem are you trying to solve? We reminded each other that the basis of sound and successful enterprises is when they are built on a firm foundation of a desire to serve; to solve a real-life challenge. Many of us start businesses with the fleeting and hollow motive of merely making money. Yet, if we make money while making a difference in other people’s lives, we not only get sustainable business, but a sound sense of fulfilment in life. Author Simon Sinek calls it starting with ‘why’.

We had a chat around being ready to update your opinions. One of us made a statement that significantly contradicted another statement they made a month ago. When this was brought to their attention, they said that they now realize that they were not right at all on that issue a month earlier. Great humility with that confession. Sadly, just to keep face, many of us will tend to insist on our ‘wrong’ position as the right one despite the overwhelming truth to the contrary. Are you open to being challenged? Do you ‘repent’ openly when you realize that you were wrong? That’s one measure of your humility.

There were other lessons, but let me stop here for now.

Blessings to you, friends.

Eddie Ivan Kaweela - A Winning Mindset
A Winning Mindset – By Eddie Ivan Kaweela

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