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Change Your Diet – By Eddie Ivan Kaweela

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Attitudes (good or bad) are ‘fertilized’ and engraved by what we feed on. Our cynicism will be healed by finding helpful alternatives - in terms of what we listen to, read or watch on a daily basis. Unless we change our ‘diet’, we will not achieve that renewed thinking that will help us see things in a better light than we have been.

It is critical therefore that this year friends intentionally commit to change their learning diet – by surrounding ourselves with information that is value-adding, and individuals who build us and cause us to see the good in others and our circumstances.

John Maxwell, a leadership thinker admired by many, says that, “The way you react to what happens around you, creates your life. The way you act in your life, creates your character. So, instead of crying about what’s happening around you, try to find a way to get past it. Always try to get the best out of every situation.”

Your attitude really matters.

Article By Eddie Ivan Kaweela
Article By Eddie Ivan Kaweela

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